2018 in music

Quick sidenote: As you may have noticed I changed the name of the website as well as the names on all of my social media account. I just thought it was time for something new. I can’t change my url yet, but 2019 might be the year that I’ll start my own website!

A little while ago I saw this post on Claire’s┬áblog, talking about her year on spotify. For those who don’t know: Every December Spotify gives you a little overview from the previous year. I never thought about sharing this, but since I love music, I thought this could be a lot of fun!


I don’t remember everything the site shows you, but I know I picked the best ones to show you. First of all that’s the amount of minutes I spent listening to music. This isn’t totally true, since I share an account with my mom, but most of these 42000 minutes were used by me. Continue reading


My playlist on shuffle

I actually wanted to write this blogpost about my favourite songs, but then I realized I can’t pick just a few favourite song. So I decided to press shuffle on my entire playlist. I only have one big playlist, so all my favourite songs are in there anyway. This way you guys can see kind of songs I listen to. There are like over 1000 songs so there will be many more of these blogposts I think! Let me know what your favourite songs are!!

One rule for myself. I have a lot of song that I don’t actually listen to, so if I get one of those I don’t name them until I’ve actually listened to the song. Continue reading