Marissa Meyer, Dynamo

I hadn’t read many of Marissa’s books yet, well only Cinder to be honest, but when I heard she was coming to The netherlands I got so excited!! Ever since I first heard of The lunar chronicles, I’ve been wanting to read them. So when the first book was translated to Dutch I bought it on the day it was released and I absolutely loved it! After that I hadn’t had the money to buy the rest of the series, but I for sure will buy them soon.

My apologies for the lack of photo’s. I was so smart to bring my camera with me, but leave my battery in the charger…

Before the event I met up with my friend, because we wanted to go together. We were a bit early, so we just walked around between the stands and talked a lot with each other and some guy in the queue.
When it was time to go into the room we we’re one of the first which gave up the opportunity to get really good seats and a great number for the signing part.

The interview was very fun. Not too long, which made me able to pay attention almost the whole time. It started with a few questions from the publisher, then a little quiz and ended with questions from the audience. My memory doesn’t work very well as most people know, so I don’t remember a lot of the questions. I do know there was talked about other fairytales in The Lunar Chronicles series and fairytales for new books.

I had number 10 out of 160 I think for the signing, so I was in the first group of 25. They said you were allowed to sign 2 books, but they turned it into 3 during the event. I didn’t have any money to buy another books, that was okay though. I had Cinder with me and 2 limited edition bookmarks so they were signed for me. Marissa was really nice, eventhough there wasn’t much time to talk to her. I’m very awkward, but it was a nice little conversation anyway.

After the signing I found my friend back and we walked around the stands again. I bought a few little things like a card and a candle. There also was a Prince Charming with a shoe that you could try on, which I didn’t do, but we had a lot of fun with it. The evening ended with a little group of people who I talked with before we were going home.


Cities I’d love to visit

Just like concerts, I’ve traveled to a lot of places as well. Most of the time I don’t go on citytrips, just visit little villages or bigger areas. I’m excited to go on more city trips during the next few days since a few of my favourite trips were to cities. Like Cologne and London are high on my list.

The only thing I dislike about citytrips is the price. It’s too expensive and that’s why you can’t stay very long and can’t see all the things you’d like to see.
Like after going to London 4 times I still have a huge wishlist there.  Continue reading Cities I’d love to visit

Waterparks, Dynamo

My best friend asked me if I had something to do the next tuesday, because he wanted to surprise me and take me to a concert. It was so kind of him! I had listened a little to Waterparks before, but I didn’t really know their songs. I was still very excited to see them live, they seemed like such cool and talented guys.

We didn’t queue or anything, so we weren’t on front. We were like 4rd row, but on the side. Quite good places though, so it was all cool. Continue reading Waterparks, Dynamo

To kill a king, Artheater 2018

Like I said last week my friend and I went to Cologne to see a concert. We were going to see To kill a king. Well we are seeing them 3 times this year so that’s really cool.

I have to admit I didn’t really expect much from the show and I was feeling sick and tired so I didn’t look forward to it when we were on our way to the venue. I was wrong though, they nailed it!!

We were late, like always, so the support act already started. We managed to get on 4th row. Eventhough it was a really small venue we were still quite close. We missed a part of The fours (I think), but I enjoyed the rest of the songs. The singer had such a pretty voice and the rest of them were also very good. Continue reading To kill a king, Artheater 2018

Concerts I want to go to

Over the year I’ve been to many concerts. Not all because I got tickets for them, because most artists just played at events where I happened to be. In the last year I saw a few of my favs and a few others are still planned for this year, like Bastille, Paramore, Chef’special etc.

Eventhough I saw so many artists perform already I still have a big wishlist. Some of them I just didn’t have the money for this year and others haven’t been in the Netherlands lately. I really hope I’ll get the chance to see them in the future. Continue reading Concerts I want to go to

Cologne 2018

In the queue for Paramore  my friend asked me if I wanted to go see a band that he really liked during their tour in Germany. I didn’t know them, but from what I’d heard they were really cool. Anyway a post about the concert is coming next week. This week it’s only about the trip to Cologne we made for the concert.

As always the trip started with a few hours delay, but besides that the trip was fine. We were too early to check into the hostel anyway, so it wasn’t really a problem. Continue reading Cologne 2018