Friday five: Best books I’ve read in 2018

(Almost) every week I participate in The friday five. A little while ago Joost asked if there were any bloggers who’d like to join him in doing this and I said I did. This week the subject is:Best books of 2018. How hard is it to only pick my five favorites out of 100 reads…. Well this took some thinking.

Dear Martin – Nic Stone
After reading The hate you give, I totally got why it got hyped as much as it did. That was until I read Dear Martin, because this book deserved to be hyped even more that Thug did. This book had much more of an impact on me. Continue reading


Secret Santa swap

This year I decided to participate in the Secret Santa book swap hosted by Kwante. Yesterday morning, on the 24th we finally got to open our gifts after month of preparing. Here’s what my secret santa got me:DSC_0980
First of all I got this adorable handmade card with a little poem. Continue reading

Sinterklaas Haul

Yet another haul! December 5th is a well known dutch holiday, called Sinterklaas. It basically is the Dutch version of Santa claus, though we do celebrate Christmas as well. My mom, grandma, best friend and I came together on the 3rd to give exchange gifts. We did a Secret Santa like thing, but we all bought everyone presents in the end.
Here’s what my family got me: Continue reading

Merry little book tag

My lovely friend Nicky tagged me for the Merry little book tag. She created this one herself!   I found these questions were very difficult to answer, because I’m not really a Christmas person. It’s not a holiday I personally enjoy that much, so it took some time. I hope I came up with fun answers.

With which family would you like to have a Christmas diner?
I honestly don’t know that many fictional families. I agree with Nicky about the Weasley’s being a fun choice, but I think I’d prefer spending some time at the Spier family.

In which fictional place would you like to spend Christmas?
I don’t read a lot of fantasy, so I can’t think of a non boring answer. I’d probably like to spent Christmas at the castle from the Selection series.

Do you have a favourite holiday read?
I’ve never read a Christmas book, though I’ve been planning on reading Let it snow for at least 3 years now. For now I can’t answer this question, because I don’t have a book I read every Christmas.DSC_0955.JPG

Which fictional character would be the perfect Christmas elf?
About elfs I don’t know that much, but I believe they are very happy. Simon Spier would probably enjoy making others happy.

A book with has a cover with a Christmasy feel to it.
I don’t have a red/green book, but the lining on the Dutch book Romeo & Julia gives me a Christmasy feel.

Which character would replace Santa best if needed?
The santa replacer would have to be very organised, so the perfect person for that would be either Tessa or Landon from the After series. I didn’t like this series, but I’m sure they would be a great Santa. Especially because they both love children a lot.

Comic con haul

A few weeks ago I went to Dutch comic con in Utrecht. Since it was an entire weekend, I bought tickets for both days. More on that in 2 other posts though, today I’ll show you my haul. I obviously bought way too much, but they sold so many amazing things. I could’ve bought at least dubble. This isn’t everything I bought, but the other ones were gifts. Can’t spoil those!


First thing is not something I bought. I already owned this dutch children’s book, but I got it signed! This was one of my favorite series when I was younger, so it was awesome so meet the author. Continue reading

Friday 5: Best films I’ve seen in 2018 (7/12)

(Almost) every week I participate in The friday five. Okay I didn’t for a very long time, but we’re back. A little while ago Joost asked if there were any bloggers who’d like to join him in doing this and I said I did. This week the subject is: Best films I’ve seen in 2018. Since I saw so many films in 2018 I picked 4 that were released in 2018 and one that I just hadn’t seen yet.

1. Love, Simon
I don’t think any of these films are a surprise, since I’ve discussed my love for all of them on my blog. I was very excited for my favorite book to be adapted into a film and it definitly didn’t let me down. It was an amazing film and we need many more like this one.

2. Infinity war
It’s been a long while since I saw this one, but I’m still shook. When I’m writing this the Avengers 4 trailer can come out any minute, How exciting?? This one didn’t look the way I suspected it to be, because I thought all avenger would be together. Eventhough I didn’t like that, I’m still very happy with the way it turned out. Continue reading