Recently in the cinema #6

MV5BYmE5Yjg0MzktYzgzMi00YTFiLWJjYTItY2M5MmI1ODI4MDY3XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTMxODk2OTU@._V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL_.jpgThe Grinch (4/5)
Release date: 9-11-2018
Director: Yarrow Cheney, Scott Mosier
Cast:  Benedict Cumberbatch, Cameron Seely, Rashida Jones
Tagline: Unhappy Holidays
Genre: Animation, comedy, Christmas
Age: 6

For their eighth fully animated feature, Illumination and Universal Pictures present The Grinch, based on Dr. Seuss’ beloved holiday classic. The Grinch tells the story of a cynical grump who goes on a mission to steal Christmas, only to have his heart changed by a young girl’s generous holiday spirit. Funny, heartwarming, and visually stunning, it’s a universal story about the spirit of Christmas and the indomitable power of optimism. Academy Award® nominee Benedict Cumberbatch lends his voice to the infamous Grinch, who lives a solitary life inside a cave on Mt. Crumpet with only his loyal dog, Max, for company. With a cave rigged with inventions and contraptions for his day-to-day needs, the Grinch only sees his neighbors in Whoville when he runs out of food. Each year at Christmas they disrupt his tranquil solitude with their increasingly bigger, brighter, and louder celebrations. When the Whos declare they are going to make Christmas three times bigger this year, the Grinch … Continue reading


Hayley Kiyoko, Paradiso

In 2018 Hayley first did a solo tour in europe. I tried to get tickets three times, but they sold out within seconds. When she came back to the Netherlands twice in 2019. Because I’m going on tour soon – when you read this in already traveling – I decided not to get tickets. I needed the money and it was only 3 days before I was leaving to Germany.

Like a week before Hayley’s date in Amsterdam I saw someone on instagram selling her ticket for only 10 euro, while the face value was 40. So I decided to go anyway. I can travel for free, so that wasn’t a problem.

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Book presentation: Verschijning

Okay I promise this will be the last time there’s an event post coming so late. I made an entire new planning, in which I post 4 times a week, so my posts will be relevant again.

Anyway a few weeks ago I got an e-mail asking if I wanted to visit the  presentation for the book Joany de Vries wrote. I already knew her from her blog and when I saw she wrote a book it made me curious. The event was only 10 minutes away from my home, so I planned to come anyway.    Continue reading

If I could only keep 30 books

I found this idea on Joany’s blog and I thought it’d be fun to do it myself. In her new Netflixshow, Marie Kondo says it’s best to only keep 30 book  and many booknerd got upset over that. Since books spark joy you could always keep more ofcourse. I thought it be fun to pick this up and write about my 30 books.

– Sidenote: I did think some people take this too seriously, since the show it’s not about what you should do. It’s only giving you tips. Continue reading

Dodie, Melkweg

On February 13th it was time for another concert. Almost a year after I saw her first, I went to another show by Dodie. This time I didn’t queue and I didn’t go alone either. My friend and I got tickets in October in the pre-sale. It was a total chaos, since Ticketmaster sent out the wrong link (again).

Around an hour before the doors would open we entered the queue around numbers 390. We met some nice girls, who we stood next to during the show as well. We also met up with our friends, so it was very fun!

Dodie’s support act was her bandmember Orla, who I only knew by name. She was so much fun to look at! Orla is very adorable and energetic. Her music is like Dodie but less sad. The entire venue sang and danced along to her, which is something I’ve never seen before! Continue reading

January haul and wrap up

Luckily I didn’t buy as many books as I thought I would. When I was in my local bookstore I decided to pick up a new book as a treat. i couldn’t decide between Fairest by marissa Meyer and Iskari by Kristen Ciccarelli so in the end I just bought both. In the final days of this month I bought the second book in “The princess saves herself in this one” series


Wrap up
I read way more books that I expected to in January. It was because I decided to start reading on the trainride to school again. I’m a bit behind on the recent reads serie on my blog, but expect reviews on these books in a few weeks! First book of the year was What if it’s us by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera, which I loved a lot more that I expected to. I saw many people were disappointed by this books, so I went in with very little expectations. That turned out to be the best. Continue reading

Friday five: Books about mental health

Joost started with the idea of friday five. Every week there is a certain theme, where a few bloggers write there top five about. I don’t participate every time, I just pick my favorite topics. This week it’s all about mental health, a subject I enjoy to read about. Well enjoy is a weird choice of words, I just find it interesting. Many books on this list need a reread, so I’m not sure about all of them.

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