January review

After writing reviews for quite a long time I realized I didn’t like spending full posts about a book or film. I just don’t have that much to write about certain things. However I do like to write short reviews, so it seemed like a cool idea to make a blogpost about a few of the book/films/series I saw that month and tell you what I thought about them. Continue reading January review


Paramore Afas live 2018

After months of waiting the day of the Paramore concert was finally here. It was my first concert and only my second meeting with my online friend, but we were both looking forward to it.
I’d listened to their music for quite a while, but I wasn’t a real fan until early 2017 when my friend told me to listen to Hard times. Because I haven’t been into them for that long, I never had the change to see them live.

When the alarm went of at 4:30 am the first thing I though – also the first thing I heard from the other room – “I want to die”. Besides it being freaking early, I hadn’t fallen asleep yet. If you ever plan on queueing all day please try to sleep some before!! Continue reading Paramore Afas live 2018

2018 goals

Like I said before I am also going to write a post about my goals for this year. Not resolutions like losing weight or stop smoking (both not needed) but things I want to accomplish.

It’s not a very important goal, but I’d like to either learn bsl or Dutch Sign language (would that be dsl?). There’s not really a reason why I want to learn it because I don’t know anyone who can speak(?) it, but I think it would be cool to learn. I’m still not sure weather I want to learn British or Dutch. Like I live in The Netherlands, but more people know the british I believe. Continue reading 2018 goals

Hello 2018

Yeah I do realize it’s a bit too late to write a hello 2018 post. However I didn’t really feel like doing it last week. I was a bit too busy with work and with some fun things. Now I do have time to write, so my 2017 reflection will be posted soon.

It’s going to be hard to do ask many amazing things this year as I did in the last. However I made many fun plans and I’m sure I will be able to make it memorable.

The second part of the year, September and on, will be mostly commited to college I guess. Maybe not, but I rather not make too many plans. I don’t know how much time my study will take me, so I don’t want to get in trouble. Continue reading Hello 2018

Day trip to Antwerp

On boxing day my family and me had decided to go to Antwerp for a day. It’s about an hour away, so not too far. A few years ago we did the same thing, but my grandparents couldn’t come along. I don’t remember a lot about it anyway.

Because it was extremely cold and we had to find a toilet after the trip we went to a little restaurant. It was about lunch time. The amount of food you got there was way too much, so no one could really finish it. It was very nice tho! I just had some soup but even that was too much. Continue reading Day trip to Antwerp

A quiet kind of thunder


Title: A quiet kind of thunder
Author: Sara Barnard
Publisher: Macmillan
Price: €10,99
Rating: 6/10

I saw this book a lot of times before I actually bought it. I think the book was around €12 and I thought that was too expensive for an English book. However every time I saw this book I really wanted to read it. The cover is very pretty and catches my eye every time. I like that the title says a lot and nothing at the same time and the same is for the back. I just wanted to know what the story is about. So during my trip in England I saw this book for only £4 and I knew I needed to buy it.

There was something that really annoyed me abo Continue reading A quiet kind of thunder