Some of my favourite books

If you already followed me before I started blogging in English you probably know that the main theme here used to be books! I don’t read as much anymore and I really didn’t like writing reviews, so that kinda stopped. However I have collected a lot of books over the year and I still enjoy reading a lot, so I do have some favourites now. I like more books than I can write about in one post, so there might be some more posts about this. Also let me know your favourites!

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My playlist on shuffle

I actually wanted to write this blogpost about my favourite songs, but then I realized I can’t pick just a few favourite song. So I decided to press shuffle on my entire playlist. I only have one big playlist, so all my favourite songs are in there anyway. This way you guys can see kind of songs I listen to. There are like over 1000 songs so there will be many more of these blogposts I think! Let me know what your favourite songs are!!

One rule for myself. I have a lot of song that I don’t actually listen to, so if I get one of those I don’t name them until I’ve actually listened to the song. Continue reading My playlist on shuffle

What to do with my instagram feed?

In case you didn’t know, I’m really active on my instagram account. I mostly post thing about trip I make but also a lot about other fun things I do like concerts and that kind of stuff. I can’t really say when I post because sometimes I post multiple times a day and other times I don’t post anything for weeks. It depends on how much I do or how much I have done before. Right now I’m really active and during my trip to England I will only post more.

The problem I always have is that I don’t know how to edit the pictures I post. Like usually I just use the same filter to make it all fit a bit together. It’s never really good looking together, but I don’t really mind about that. Like as long as they look a bit the same I’m good with it. Continue reading What to do with my instagram feed?

The reason I have 2 bullet journals

Recently I started using my bullet journal again because of this video. I always used it as an agenda, but I forgot about it lately. However I have 2 bullet journals and not one and I have a good reason for that. Well I think I have a good reason for that.

I have this journal from Hema, which is just a blank notebook. I still use this one as an agenda with a monthly and a weekly spread, I don’t use a daily one, because I never filled that in anyway. In this journal I also have a list on the things that will happen next month and a list of what I read, did and watched this month. Continue reading The reason I have 2 bullet journals

Uk trip – part 2

After my last post I continued my trip to Manchester. In the train all went great,after not so much. It look me an hour longer to get to my hotel because the streets were too bad for my suitcase. Because of that I was in a bad mood and stayed in my hotel for the rest of the night. 

The next day I pretty much was lost all the time,so I’m not completely sure what I did and when.  I know i went shopping, because of my friend I had found a really cool street to shop. I also walked through Gay village, to Castlefield and through the John Rylands Library. Especially to get there i got really lost. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but after that I was glad to be back at my hotel.

On sunday I walked to the Trafford centre. If you are ever in Manchester: That is not a distance you can walk. Well I found that out too late. I visited a few shops, bought myself some things and rested from the long walk. After that I walked to the footbal stadions to take some pictures. On the way back I did take a bus and a tram.

Today I traveled from Manchester to Bath. After that I only bought some food for dinner and now I’m waiting for some people to leave to kitchen so I can cook.

Uk trip – Part one

As I have mentioned a lot lately, I’m going to travel for a little while through the Uk. 

The first few hours from my trip weren’t very interesting. I went to the airport and with a little delay we got to Edinburgh, my starting point. From there I had to take a bus to my hostel. Pretty much the entire time I had no idea if I was in the right bus, but somehow I ended up in the right neighbourhood. After a short walk I could leave my luggage at the hostel. 

Since it was too early to check I went on a walk through town. I once again was lost, but I did find some pretty cool places that I want to see again. I ended up at Starbuck and discovered that a Caramel Macchioto with cinnamon is really good!

I didn’t leave my hostel for the rest of the day because I was really tired and my 2 roommates arrived. One of them was so nice to make us a meal, which was very good! After that I read a little and planned things for the rest on the day.
I woke up really early, so around 8 am I was ready to go. I decided to go to St Mary’s cathedral first. I remembered it because of a book that took place in Edinburgh. I walked around and took some pictures. I also took a polaroid picture of the castle.

On my way to the castle I stopped at the cafe where Harry Potter was written to drink something. It was not too busy because it was still very early. I also got a free cookie because I had to wait.
The weather was really bad so I thought this was a good day to go shopping. I bought some gifts, some things I needed and some books. On my way to the hostel I found 19 book from a series that I collect for £4 total!

Because of the wind I stayed in the hostel the rest of the afternoon to read a little. I did have to go to Tesco for dinner. In the evening I watched kongfu panda 2 with the staff in the lounge 

After again a night without sleep I went on wednesday to see Carlton hill. I actually had more plans, but after climbing the hill, taking a lot of pictures and go into some store I chrashed at a cafe to drink tea and lunch. Around 1 pm I was back in the Hostel to take a nap and hang out downstairs.

Thursday was my last full day in Edinburgh and I spent it in a lot of nerdy shops and I went hiking. On top of Arthur’s seat you could see the entire city. However my knee hurted really bad, so the climb wasn’t a really good idea. I also saw the palice
Around 3 I came in the hostel and I found out that there was a community dinner in the evening. There were a lot of people so it was fun to meet them while eating dinner. We also decided to go to a pub with some of the guests.

And now I’m in the train on my way to Manchester. I really enjoyed my stay in Edinburgh and eventhough I’ve seen pretty much all I’d like to go back one day.