Me as a YouTuber?

Ever since I accidentally saw a video of a dutch YouTube duo I’ve been a fan of different YouTubers. The kinds of video’s that I like to watch have changed over the years. In the beginning I really liked vlog and now I don’t watch vlogs at all. I currently like watching Jessie Paege a lot. Shall I ever write a post about my favourite YouTubers?

However this blogpost was supposed to be about me making video’s on YouTube. For some reason I’ve always wanted to do that. It just seems so cool to me. I also have a lot of ideas that I’m not able to work out in a blogpost because it only works in a video. Continue reading Me as a YouTuber?


My september

After people voted that I should write about my months again on my Twitter poll I decided to start this month. I do have to say that I won’t write one in October and November and that’s because I’ll be traveling most of those 2 months and there are coming other posts about that!

I started september with a party at work. I didn’t think it would be a lot of fun, because I don’t know a lot of people there. However I had a lot of fun with a few guys and we ended up staying there til 1 am instead of 11 pm. Continue reading My september

New fineliners! – Mini review

I writing in my bulletjournal the other day and I decided that it was boring to only use black fineliners. I went into the city, to this store called Søstrene grenes and found a huge pack for less than €5,-. Which is cool because I didn’t expect to get so many fineliners for that amount of money.

I tried all the colours out on a test page in my bullet journal and I think the colours are really cool. They could’ve been a bit brighter, but I don’t really mind it. The grey fineliner doesn’t work very well, but that’s okay. I wasn’t planning on using that one anyway. Another thing that’s really nice about these is that they don’t bleed through the pages! Continue reading New fineliners! – Mini review

My Funko pop’s

Eventhough I though Funko’s very the most ugly thing ever in the beginning, I started collecting them anyway. I don’t really know when it started, but I do like them a lot now. They’re not pretty dolls, but they look fun and cute. I wish I could buy more of them, but they are a bit expensive. Every now and them I add one to my collection.

Snapchat-1220138256 (1)

After about 1,5 year I have 7 Funko’s now. I ordered most of them online, but I also found 2 in a store. It’s more fun to buy them in a store because you can actually see them. However they always look more expensive to me there. It’s not true though, if you count the shipping costs there about as expensive as they are online. Continue reading My Funko pop’s

It’s my birthday!

This won’t be a very long blogpost but I wanted to post something today. It’s September the 22th so that means it’s my birthday! I’m 17 years old now. Okay it’s not old at all, but it’s still cool.

The year where I graduated high school, visited Ameland, London and France is over. While I’m 17 I will at least visit England, Scotland and I start at college. Besides this it’s all unknown. I just know that it will be a great year.

Since when do I like superhero’s?

I actually never did. Like I heard from Marvel and DC, but I just never saw any of it. By the time I tought I might want to see them I found out how many films there are and that stopped me for a long time. I had the same problem with Lord of the rings and Star wars, just because it would take so much of my time.

Just before my friend went to England we wanted to do something fun. We decided to go out for dinner and see a film. In my opinion there wasn’t really something nice, so I let her pick. She decided we would go to Wonder woman. I was like okay, so that is what we would see.
Well it turned out that I actually really liked it. I normally have a hard time watching a whole film in one sit. At home I press pause like every 5 minutes, but while this one I didn’t have a problem at all.

Yes this picture happened…

After that I wanted to watch a lot more so I started seeing things on Netflix. Marvel ones this time. Okay I first saw Civil war, Thor the dark work, Thor, The amazing spiderman and The avengers before I found out I should’ve watched them in a specific order. Oops…
Now I started watching them again. I’ve seen Captain America, Marvel’s agent Carter, Iron man and part of The incredible hulk.

I don’t think any of these films will turn out to be my all time favourites, but I for sure enjoy them.  From what I’ve seen now I think I like Captain America, The hulk and Spider man the most. I think the hulk is my favourite one. I don’t like Iron man and Thor because theyre assholes. Although Thor gets better in the end.

Anyway, the next few weeks I will be enjoying the rest of these films and series.





101 things in 1001 days

I’m not completely sure on who’s blog I saw this idea first, so if it was you please let me know in the comments and I will mention you and your blog, because I’m very happy that I saw it on there.
At least I know that I saw the idea coming back on Esmee’s blog with a link to the offical website.

After I saw the website I decided to make a list for myself. I thought it was fun to challenge myself to make my life a bit more exciting. However I sound out soon that making up 101 things was already a challenge. I have to thank my friend ,@CliquePoland on Twitter for helping me make up most of them. There also were a lot of ideas on the site, but most of them were not going to happen within 3 years for now, no matter how hard I try. Continue reading 101 things in 1001 days