You’re beautiful, funny and very smart. You’re really empathetic and love talking with people – Nabila

What kind of blog is this, you don’t know it when you read the name? That’s definatly true, but that’s me. I change my mind about what I want all the time and I like everything. Well I like a lot. If you want to know more about me you should continue reading.

You’re a quiet girls who’s very energetic sometimes. But you are very sweet. – Ingrid 

 Books always used to be the main subject on this blog and even though that has changed now I will still write about books every now and then. I just found out that I don’t like writing reviews at all and if I don’t like writing them people won’t have fun reading them.

You’re stubborn. Likes to read alot. Brave. Takes risks. A bit pessimistic. Never gives up on your friends. Very good taste in music. Sensitive. Puts others first. – Nasia

I read a lot less than I used to, but I will still write about my favourite books and do nice tags.

Happy, crazy, wants to learn, caring and cares about other people- Marije

Next to reading there are a lot of other things that I like. I really enjoy drawing, although I should do it some more. I don’t really talk a lot about this on my blog, but I share drawings every now and then.

Ever since the first day we met you seemed like a cool girl to hang out with – Sirak

Also holidays, trips and events are discussed on here. I really like going away and like my parents had on my birth card: I’m a girl of the world.

You’re funny, enterprising, friendly, calm, open and book addicted – Iris

But that’s enough about my blog, you are probably here because you want to get to know some more about me. Well I’m Maud. And that’s where my brain got stuck… Who am I? That’s pretty hard. So I asked some of my friends to describe me and I put that in here.

nice, lovely, supportive and strong – Adrian

However I will try it again. Lets start with the boring facts. I’m 16 years old (Why did I type 15?) and I’m in my last year of high school. I want to study something with media next year and I will talk some more about it to you.

You’re nice(like really), really genuine, you seem to be a simple and not complicated person, you’re pretty, you remind me of the Sunshine – Priya

I’m pretty active on social media, so if you’d like to follow me on there you really should do that. My Instagram is @maud_smulders and Dutch Twitter is @lovelyoffflower. Besides the things that I need to say, a lot of polls and pictures I post a lot of stupid stuff that I have done. Although I also share those moments on here.

Maud, she is definitely one of the kindest people I have talked to and more importantly become friends with on the internet. She’s strong, beautiful and often makes me laugh. If ever im feeling down I can depend on her to make me smile. I hope our friendship grows and grows as the years go on. Love ya Maud !! – Laura

I hope you got to know me a little bit better, but if you have any more questions don’t mind asking them!

You’re a magical human being capable of bringing light into any situation, even when you don’t seem to have any of your own. You care for others intensely and always put them before you. You have a jokey attitude, but also can be serious when you want to be. I’m incredibly lucky to know you. – Sam





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