My resolutions for 2019

First of all: Happy new year! Hope you may have the best year so far.
Today I’ll tell you about my resolutions for the upcoming year. Though I don’t really do new year’s resolutions, I do like to set goals for the new year. I won’t tell you all of them, but I have a few to let you know.


Travel to 3 new countries 
This goals won’t be too hard to accomplish, since I have two trips to new countries planned already. I hope I can add one other place to this to finish off the goal. Continue reading


Sinterklaas Haul

Yet another haul! December 5th is a well known dutch holiday, called Sinterklaas. It basically is the Dutch version of Santa claus, though we do celebrate Christmas as well. My mom, grandma, best friend and I came together on the 3rd to give exchange gifts. We did a Secret Santa like thing, but we all bought everyone presents in the end.
Here’s what my family got me: Continue reading

Little job during autumn break

A few weeks ago my friend texted my if I wanted to become a reporter for the company she works for during the Dutch desgin week. It’s an international design “festival” in the city I live.

Right now it’s already a few weeks ago, but if you want to see a few of the other posts I made check my account on Instagram: @ddwmustsee

Like it says, I posted a few pictures with describtions about the exhibition and designer I thought were interesting and the ones more people should know about.

New tattoo and a piercing

First of all I’m quite impulsive and that doesn’t always turn into great plans. Better said: mostly they are incredible stupid plans. Last summer I decided I wanted to get my nose pierced, which was something I never thought before. It took my ears 8 years to heal after I got them pierced, so I kinda decided to never do that again. Well not till this summer.
The pain scared me, but my best friend wanted to get his nose pierced as well, so we did it together. Lucky for me, the healing process was it about a month being infected and then it started healing for real. I will replace the piercing with a nose ring when the time is right.


I’ve talked about my love for tattoos before and how much I wanted to get one when I turned 18. Guess what?? My  18th birthday was at the end of September, so I’m finally allowed to get tattooed. 2 weeks before my birthday I made an appointment at this shop that a friend recomended for September 26th. Again the pain scared me a little, but it wasn’t so bad after all. Only a tiny part hurt. it wasn’t unbearable though. After all I’m really happy with it.

Another year older + haul

Last Saturday it was my 18th birthday. Hard to believe that I’m legally an adult now huh?
I spent the entire weekend with my best friend which was probably the best way to celebrate.
Besides my best friend, most of my friends, family and neighbours came over for some coffee and cake. I don’t really like the rush hours, but in the beginning and the end, where there only are a few people, I really enjoy just spending time and talking with everyone. Continue reading

Guess who’s back

Yeah I know, I’ve been away for forever again. I know I tend to do this way too often. Everytime I’m in a good mood to write, I write posts for about a month or 2 and after that I just don’t feel like it anymore and I dissapear again.

Besides not really feeling like it, I’ve been very busy. I traveled again, started college, got my driver’s license and most of all just enjoyed life with my best friend. More about all of this later.

I won’t promise I’ll post a lot, but I do plan on posting on here again. Mostly about the stuff I’ve been up to lately and the things that interest me at this moment. So hope you’re excited for that!

Gap year

When I’m writing this there’s only a week left of my gap year. Eventhough I knew what I wanted to go in college, I just didn’t feel like going there already, I rather just took some time to do stuff I actually enjoy. I could write an entire post about the thing I did this year, but I posted about most of them already, so let’s just do a recap.

In my gap year I…

Went to 13 Concerts
Traveled 6 Times
Went to 9 Films in de cinema
Worked over 500 Hours
Went to 2 musicals
Met 7 authors

And many more things. I just don’t know what to add right now. After all it was an amazing year. You should definitly take a year off if you ever get the chance! Warning, it won’t be the best plan for your bankaccount. No matter how much you work, it will always be empty. Totally worth it though!



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