Two shows in Ireland

After the two shows in Germany and all of the fun events in Ireland, it was time for two amazing shows. Out of six, these were my favourites of the entire tour.

In Dublin we joined the queue about an hours before the doors would open. Behind us stood some nice people and we had a great time in the queue. This venue was smart and decided to start letting people through security an hour before the doors opened. This way there was no pushing.


first we decided to go for b-stage, but since we were second row there we thought it would be to go into the middle of the pit. Our spots were amazing, because during Holding on to you, Morph and Trees they were so close to us in the pit!! Also it was our first show with the bridge, so they both walked over us, because we were so close.

During ride Tyler asked to make pairs and sit on each others shoulders. My friend had me on his back, which was very fun. The couple next to us joked about switching up, but we already knew that they wouldn’t be able to hold us up. We had a lot of fun with them. Continue reading


Hayley Kiyoko, Paradiso

In 2018 Hayley first did a solo tour in europe. I tried to get tickets three times, but they sold out within seconds. When she came back to the Netherlands twice in 2019. Because I’m going on tour soon – when you read this in already traveling – I decided not to get tickets. I needed the money and it was only 3 days before I was leaving to Germany.

Like a week before Hayley’s date in Amsterdam I saw someone on instagram selling her ticket for only 10 euro, while the face value was 40. So I decided to go anyway. I can travel for free, so that wasn’t a problem.

Continue reading

Dodie, Melkweg

On February 13th it was time for another concert. Almost a year after I saw her first, I went to another show by Dodie. This time I didn’t queue and I didn’t go alone either. My friend and I got tickets in October in the pre-sale. It was a total chaos, since Ticketmaster sent out the wrong link (again).

Around an hour before the doors would open we entered the queue around numbers 390. We met some nice girls, who we stood next to during the show as well. We also met up with our friends, so it was very fun!

Dodie’s support act was her bandmember Orla, who I only knew by name. She was so much fun to look at! Orla is very adorable and energetic. Her music is like Dodie but less sad. The entire venue sang and danced along to her, which is something I’ve never seen before! Continue reading

Neck deep, Effenaar

On January 30th it was finally time for my first real concert in 2019. Why I say “real”, is something you’ll read about in a few weeks. My two closest friends and I saw Neck deep in my hometown.

The first support act was canceled at the last moment, but there was another band touring along. We entered the building during the first song by Parting gift. I didn’t care that much for their music and the vibe of the crowd was a bit boring, so we stood at the end and bought some drinks to start the night. Continue reading

2018 in music

Quick sidenote: As you may have noticed I changed the name of the website as well as the names on all of my social media account. I just thought it was time for something new. I can’t change my url yet, but 2019 might be the year that I’ll start my own website!

A little while ago I saw this post on Claire’s┬áblog, talking about her year on spotify. For those who don’t know: Every December Spotify gives you a little overview from the previous year. I never thought about sharing this, but since I love music, I thought this could be a lot of fun!


I don’t remember everything the site shows you, but I know I picked the best ones to show you. First of all that’s the amount of minutes I spent listening to music. This isn’t totally true, since I share an account with my mom, but most of these 42000 minutes were used by me. Continue reading

5 seconds of summer, Afas

On November 5th after a very hard exam, I arrived at the venue. However it was almost freezing and I didn’t feel like I could queue all day in that cold. Instead I went to a friend and came back around an hours before doors opened.
If I’m being quite honest: I’ve never seen a queue THAT big with still an hour to go. It really shocked my and I stood all the way in the back, without being able to see anything.

Besides by name I didn’t know Lovelytheband, but they sound fun and really enjoyed the show. Mr brightside was the only song I couold sing along to, though that obviously isn’t theirs. Continue reading