Sinterklaas Haul

Yet another haul! December 5th is a well known dutch holiday, called Sinterklaas. It basically is the Dutch version of Santa claus, though we do celebrate Christmas as well. My mom, grandma, best friend and I came together on the 3rd to give exchange gifts. We did a Secret Santa like thing, but we all bought everyone presents in the end.
Here’s what my family got me: Continue reading


Comic con haul

A few weeks ago I went to Dutch comic con in Utrecht. Since it was an entire weekend, I bought tickets for both days. More on that in 2 other posts though, today I’ll show you my haul. I obviously bought way too much, but they sold so many amazing things. I could’ve bought at least dubble. This isn’t everything I bought, but the other ones were gifts. Can’t spoil those!


First thing is not something I bought. I already owned this dutch children’s book, but I got it signed! This was one of my favorite series when I was younger, so it was awesome so meet the author. Continue reading

Museumnight 2018

A few weeks ago there was the annual night where most museums  in Amsterdam were opened. Since there are so many and it’s so busy you can only do 3 or maybe for ones if you hurry.

My friend and I started at the van Gogh museum to get our wristbands. I had neder been to any of these places before, so it was all new to me. I don’t really care for painting as such, but it was cool to see the painting that everyone always hypes. Before we went to the next one we joined in the silent disco. Continue reading

Walk in day at a publisher

My favorite Dutch publisher, Blossom books, opened their doors for public a few weeks ago. Blossom books published the Dutch versions like Simon vs. , Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe, The kids of appetite and many more.

School ended early and a friend of mine liked to come along. While searching the enterance we found another girl who was going. We were the only ones there for the majority of the hour.


At first we were greeted by their dog and the neighbour office’s dog, who was adorable. Because the 4 people their were just working we could walk around for a bit. They made tea for us, which was fun because Blossom books sells their own tea. This way we could try it before actually buying it.

The main publisher, Myrthe, told us the day before someone said it looked exactly like it did on Instagram. Makes sense ofcourse, but it really did. It looked very cute and clean.

I didn’t know what books I wanted to buy, there were so many. It took a while to decide. In the end I went home with Renegades with a TLC pin, Wink, Poppy, Midnight and a dutch retelling of Romeo and Juliette which was signed by the illustrator.



A few weeks ago on September 23th, the day after my birthday, there was another YA festival in The Netherlands. In Utrecht this time, the same venue as I saw Frank Iero and Bastille earlier last and this year. My friend Nicky and I decided to go when we saw who the guests were.
Yalfu was a part of Ilfu, International literature festival Utrecht. A full week full of bookish events mostly pointed towards adults.

It all started with a full program with interview presented by writer Edward van de Vendel. I haven’t read any of his books, but he did the interviews very well. It was clear he had read all of their books and he really wanted to do his best.
The first 3 authors were all Dutch, Margje Woordrow, Buddy Tegenbosch and Erna Sassen. I only read a book by Buddy, but all 3 authors were fun people. I should read many more books by Dutch YA writers. Continue reading

Another bookish event

It’s been forever since this event, I know. To me it was so much fun that I wanted to post about this event anyway. So here we go.

On sunday July first my local bookstore arranged their yearly YA summer event. Luckily this year I didn’t have to work like last one, so I could attend it.

My friend nicky  was also there, so we met up to get our ticket about an hour before it started. We met up with some other people and walked to the cinema, where the first part of the day would take place. Continue reading

Yalfest 2018

Yes I realize that 3 months after it’s probably way to late to write this post, especially because I don’t even remember all about it anymore. However I did want to write it, so here we go.

Just like the last 2 years I went to this yearly Young adult event called YALFest. The authors they invited this year were Sarah Crossan, Tomi Adeyemi, Sara Holland, Taran Matharu, Kass Morgan (who I’ve met before) and Laura Steven.

It all started with an interview at the mainstage. It was fun and I enjoyed it, but it did miss someone like Lesley. However the interviewer becomes a little better at it every year, so that was nice to see.

A big hall was filled with many many stands, but besides a signed card from Lesley Livingston I didn’t buy anything. I loved how there were so many different brands, but there were a little too many stands with Candles and bookmarks. Those things are fun to see and buy, but maybe a little different things would be cool as well. Something more surprising.

There were 6, I believe, different masterclasses you could sign up for. The one we actually wanted was already fully booked so we decided to sign up for the one where they give you tips for writing a thriller. Not that I’m thinking about writing a thriller, but they were good tips and I’ve learned a lot.

Before the masterclass and after that I was in line for the authors for a very long time. At least 3 of them asked how I got my hair this bright, which was very fun. It made the meeting less awkward. Sarah’s daughter was also handing out sticky notes with her autograph, so I stuck that in my book. Laura asked if I could please take a picture with her, post it and tag her so she could remember my hair, Taran signed a sticky note for me because I had to buy his next book and stick it in there and Kass just got really excited when she saw we had met before.

They were all such nice people and eventhough we didn’t win anything at the end with the bingo I had the best time and I hope there will be another edition next year.