Things I look forward to at Yalfest 2019

Joost started with the idea of Friday five. Every week there is a certain theme, where a few bloggers write there top five about. I don’t participate every time, I just pick my favorite topics. This week is all about the Dutch bookish event Yalfest.

As the Dutchies may know:  Yalfest is coming up in a little over two weeks. Even though I talk about this event very often, I’ll explain what it is quickly. Every year the publishers Best of YA and Blossom Books host an event called Yalfest, which you could compare to YALC. Here’s what I look forward to:

The authors
The first thing I look forward to is obviously the authors. When Benjamin Alire Sáenz was announced I knew I had to go. Besides Becky, he definitely is my favorite writer. I wanted to read a book by all the attending authors, which I did. By doing so, I found some new favorite books by Samira and Nic. Contemporary is the genre I like to read the most, but for a fantasy novel, I loved the book written by Kristen.

The goodie bag
I’m not lying, I love to get gifts. I know I pay for the tickets, but still, the goodie bag seems like a present to me. We already know one of the books that will be in there, A darker shade of magic. This sounds like a book I will like, but I don’t know a lot about it.

The presenter
This year there is a new presenter for the program on the mainstage. I already know Edward van de Vendel from the event with Becky last year. He did great, also a lot better than the former presenter. I look forward to seeing how he does with multiple authors at the same time.

The illustrators
During the last events, I never had the time to get an illustration. The first year I did get a personalized poem. Hopefully I’ll get a little drawing this year.

I don’t know a fifth thing, but I am very excited in general. Will I see anyone there?

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Everyone should read this book

A little break from all of my gig and travel posts for a book that I recently read. I bought the book Internment by Samira Ahmed because she is coming to the Dutch event Yalfest in April. I also bought the book the moment it came out, because I wanted the pin you got when you bought one of the Yalfest books. Since I already owned all the others, this was the only one I could buy.

So the book is about a near future where muslims are put into a camp, just like the Asians and Jews have been in World War 2. The main character Layla it trying to live her life as well as finding a week to break free. She has help from her friends in the camp, her boyfriend outside the camp and an unexpected ally. Continue reading

Book presentation: Verschijning

Okay I promise this will be the last time there’s an event post coming so late. I made an entire new planning, in which I post 4 times a week, so my posts will be relevant again.

Anyway a few weeks ago I got an e-mail asking if I wanted to visit the  presentation for the book Joany de Vries wrote. I already knew her from her blog and when I saw she wrote a book it made me curious. The event was only 10 minutes away from my home, so I planned to come anyway.    Continue reading

If I could only keep 30 books

I found this idea on Joany’s blog and I thought it’d be fun to do it myself. In her new Netflixshow, Marie Kondo says it’s best to only keep 30 book  and many booknerd got upset over that. Since books spark joy you could always keep more ofcourse. I thought it be fun to pick this up and write about my 30 books.

– Sidenote: I did think some people take this too seriously, since the show it’s not about what you should do. It’s only giving you tips. Continue reading

January haul and wrap up

Luckily I didn’t buy as many books as I thought I would. When I was in my local bookstore I decided to pick up a new book as a treat. i couldn’t decide between Fairest by marissa Meyer and Iskari by Kristen Ciccarelli so in the end I just bought both. In the final days of this month I bought the second book in “The princess saves herself in this one” series


Wrap up
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Friday five: Books about mental health

Joost started with the idea of friday five. Every week there is a certain theme, where a few bloggers write there top five about. I don’t participate every time, I just pick my favorite topics. This week it’s all about mental health, a subject I enjoy to read about. Well enjoy is a weird choice of words, I just find it interesting. Many books on this list need a reread, so I’m not sure about all of them.

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