Friday five: My bookish resolutions for 2019

(Almost) every week I participate in The friday five. A little while ago Joost asked if there were any bloggers who’d like to join him in doing this and I said I did. The first subject of 2019 is my bookisch resolutions for this year, which fits well with the resolutions theme this week. Let me know your bookish resolutions!


Read 25 books
I’ve read a hundred books in 2018, so I must read twentyfive very easily. I just don’t want to put too much pressure on myself to get to a goal, while I’m busy with college and hopefully a new job.

Finish 5 series
I’m someone who picks up the first part of a series, but never finish the rest. There are always other books coming first, even when I di love the first one. This year I want to finish at least 5 series, so that will be a difficult task.


Read 8 books from my current tbr-pile
At the moment of writing this I have a few books on my tbr that are going to be read before anything else, however there are a few books that have been on there for years already. Those are the books I’m going to have to pick up during this year.

Read 2 classics
Last year I read a rewritten version of Shakespear’s Romeo and Julliette, but that’s probable one of the only classics I’ve read. They normally take me so much time, because they writing style is harder. This year I want to try and a few more.

Find a new favorite author
Most of the time I read books of authors I’m either going to meet or who I already read books from. This year I want to find at least one new favorite author, because I don’t feel like I did last year. I hope it’ll be an fantasy author, because I want to read more of those.

Read their lists as well:
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