My resolutions for 2019

First of all: Happy new year! Hope you may have the best year so far.
Today I’ll tell you about my resolutions for the upcoming year. Though I don’t really do new year’s resolutions, I do like to set goals for the new year. I won’t tell you all of them, but I have a few to let you know.


Travel to 3 new countries 
This goals won’t be too hard to accomplish, since I have two trips to new countries planned already. I hope I can add one other place to this to finish off the goal.

5 little trips in The Netherlands
When my friends and I go out for the day we usually go to the same cities or just stay in our hometown. This year I’d like to do a few little trips to places I’ve never been before or just don’t go to that often.

Learn how to draw
I feel like this goal is on my list every year, but I never get around to do it. I love drawing, but I get frustrated because I’m not that good at it. By doing it more, I hope to get a little better at it.

Start sporting
About 1,5 year ago I stopped going to the gym and I haven’t done anything sport related every since. I don’t think I’ll start an entire new sport, but some stretches can’t be wrong.

Drink more
I know I drink way too little, so I want to improve that next year.

Eat more vegan.
I don’t eat meat that often, but I want to stop completely doing that next year. Vegan is a little harder for me, because I throw cheese over most things I eat. I’d like to find some vegan recipies that won’t need cheese.


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