Secret Santa swap

This year I decided to participate in the Secret Santa book swap hosted by Kwante. Yesterday morning, on the 24th we finally got to open our gifts after month of preparing. Here’s what my secret santa got me:DSC_0980
First of all I got this adorable handmade card with a little poem.

My Santa wrote all these little notes of the gift, which made them even more fun to unwrap. In the first two gifts I got this watercolor paper and a watercolor brush. It was great because I’ve wanted this paper for forever en I lost my own brush.

She made me my own Hogwarts acceptance letter.


Santa already refered to me wanted some cute socks in the little poem, so I got two pairs. One with a Pac man game on it and another one with littles foxes. I especially love the fox ones.


I love drinking tea, so having a few new ones to try is the best!  The triangle was look amazing. I collect interesting looking tea, so these fit together with the other ones. Maybe it’s weird to collect tea, but I’d love to have something to give to my visiters when I live on my own. I don’t think that will be too long from now. I got some chips to eat while drinking the tea. It makes me happy, because chips are my favorite snacks.


The last goodie was this Black pomegrenate candle. I’m not sure what the brand it, but it smells amazing. Not like anything I would’ve expected.


Finally I got three books!! They were all on my wishlist, but I didn’t expect to get so many. I’m glad I can finally read two books by my favorite authors, Becky and Benjamin, that I haven’t read before. I’d also love to see if I like They both die at the end better that More happy than now. I can’t wait to pick them up.

Thank you so my to my secret Santa, I’m very happy with my presents.


6 thoughts on “Secret Santa swap

  1. Excessive & Composed 26 Dec 2018 / 01:27

    Awesome secret Santa! I always love those little gift. ♥️🎅🏻


  2. Alyssa 25 Dec 2018 / 17:35

    That’s super cool!! Much better than any secret santa that I’ve ever had. 🙃


    • Maud 30 Dec 2018 / 14:37

      My secret Santa did such a great job! I’m so lucky 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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