Yalfest 2018

Yes I realize that 3 months after it’s probably way to late to write this post, especially because I don’t even remember all about it anymore. However I did want to write it, so here we go.

Just like the last 2 years I went to this yearly Young adult event called YALFest. The authors they invited this year were Sarah Crossan, Tomi Adeyemi, Sara Holland, Taran Matharu, Kass Morgan (who I’ve met before) and Laura Steven.

It all started with an interview at the mainstage. It was fun and I enjoyed it, but it did miss someone like Lesley. However the interviewer becomes a little better at it every year, so that was nice to see.

A big hall was filled with many many stands, but besides a signed card from Lesley Livingston I didn’t buy anything. I loved how there were so many different brands, but there were a little too many stands with Candles and bookmarks. Those things are fun to see and buy, but maybe a little different things would be cool as well. Something more surprising.

There were 6, I believe, different masterclasses you could sign up for. The one we actually wanted was already fully booked so we decided to sign up for the one where they give you tips for writing a thriller. Not that I’m thinking about writing a thriller, but they were good tips and I’ve learned a lot.

Before the masterclass and after that I was in line for the authors for a very long time. At least 3 of them asked how I got my hair this bright, which was very fun. It made the meeting less awkward. Sarah’s daughter was also handing out sticky notes with her autograph, so I stuck that in my book. Laura asked if I could please take a picture with her, post it and tag her so she could remember my hair, Taran signed a sticky note for me because I had to buy his next book and stick it in there and Kass just got really excited when she saw we had met before.

They were all such nice people and eventhough we didn’t win anything at the end with the bingo I had the best time and I hope there will be another edition next year.


Camila Cabello, Afas

I wasn’t completely sure about going to this show, because this was the first show I went to where I didn’t know anyone. There was a golden circle anyway, so I didn’t queue till 12.
After buying merch and getting a little fucked over in the queue I found a group of girls who I spent the rest of the day with.

The support act, Drax project, wasn’t really my thing and I didn’t enjoy that at all. The other people around me loved it though, so it probably up to me.

Camila’s part of the show was amazing and it made up for the entire day, which had been kinda shitty. Throughout the entire show there were these little video’s. It was fun to see them, especially because they looked so cool.

She played all of my favourite songs, well most of them, like Havana, She loves control and Something’s gotta give,  had incredible dancers and sang beautifully. The audience was very boring, but she also made up for that. I had the best time.

During Something’s gotta give there played these video’s in the background with made it even more memorable. They were from all kinds of important topics like Black lives matter, Gay pride, Woman’s march and March for our lives.

Next time I really want to go again, hopefully not alone and most likely first row. That would make the experience a whole lot better, so definitly worth the extra money.

Gap year

When I’m writing this there’s only a week left of my gap year. Eventhough I knew what I wanted to go in college, I just didn’t feel like going there already, I rather just took some time to do stuff I actually enjoy. I could write an entire post about the thing I did this year, but I posted about most of them already, so let’s just do a recap.

In my gap year I…

Went to 13 Concerts
Traveled 6 Times
Went to 9 Films in de cinema
Worked over 500 Hours
Went to 2 musicals
Met 7 authors

And many more things. I just don’t know what to add right now. After all it was an amazing year. You should definitly take a year off if you ever get the chance! Warning, it won’t be the best plan for your bankaccount. No matter how much you work, it will always be empty. Totally worth it though!



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A little while ago, around April I believe, there was this nice, warm and sunny day. A kind of day I personally really enjoy. It’s never hot enough in The Netherlands to be honest.
Anyway my friend and I planned to meet up and because it was so warm we decided to have a picknick in the park and just chill there.

Right before I went to the train I saw this market next to the station. Well I knew it was there, but just didn’t think of it before. I got us some nice fresh strawberries and also some rasberries. Dunkin’ donuts just opened on the same square, so ofcourse I had to stop there too.

After laying on a big blanket, listening to some music together, eating the fruits and even getting a serenade from some weird man, it was time for us to go for a little walk through the park as well as trough town. Besides just walking and and talking a  lot – we had so many good talks that day – we held a little photoshoot, which was very awkward, but also very much fun.

To kill a king (again)

Yes we went to see this band again, in London this time. There’s no need to read the rest of this posts to know how it was because it was absolutely amazing. Vibe-wise it was definitly the best concert I’ve been to this year. Everyone was so into it! I just loved it.

I’m sorry, but I don’t remember the name of the support act, but he was really cool. After the show we talked for a little while with him and he was so nice to us. I don’t really remember any of his songs either, but I do know that it sound nice.

After that guy it was time for Charlie Barnes, yes the other support act we saw at the Bastille show. At that show we didn’t love him as much as we did now, because the sound wasn’t was it was supposed to be. I only know he played Will & testament, that is one on my favorite songs and Oceanography, another one of my favorites, which I remember because it was the first time he played it live.

He’s really funny and made me love him a lot. Like his setlist legit said:

Last song

He also held a whole speech about things that make life better and celebrating live, which ended with “Here is a song about death”

After Charlie To kill a king played again and it was awesome as always. Not really a surprise, but this time the vibe was the best. Probably because it was a hometown show for them and many people flew over. The venue didn’t have any fans or airco, so the heath was kinda unbearable. Therefore the played the encore without actually going off stage, so everyone could get out of there as soon as possible.

Just like at the Bastille show they played Choices with Charlie and Dan. Dan coming was supposed tobe a surprise, but everyone knew it already. However it was unexpected that they played an Annie Oakley hanging song after that, which was really cool.

Woody, Bastille’s drummer, was there as dj for the afterparty, but we spent almost the entire night outside with our friends. Because the bandmembers were also outside we talked a little to the supportact, Charlie (Who actually ran away from us because he heard a nice song), Ben and Dan Smith.

Now I don’t have a To Kill a king show planned anymore I finally figured what kind of tattoo I want from them and I would like Ralph to write out some lyrics for that. That’s really sad, but hopefully I’ll see them again.



London without cash

Was it a dumb idea to travel to a very expensive country with about 50 euro on my bankaccount? Probably yes. But luckily we made it work. Next time I probaby won’t do it again, but no matter what, it was an amazing trip and I had the best time.

No matter how often you tell yourself you shouldn’t spend too much money on food, you always will. City trip, just traveling in general, makes you very hungry and about every corner you will stop to eat.

Eventhough it’s nice to go to cute little restaurants, they’re not the cheapest. Instead we went to Nando’s. Those places always look really cool and still are affordable. Because we were THAT low on money me and my friend decided to share a drink. You could refill all soft drinks as often as you want so it saved us 3 pound. That’s not a lot, but we bought our breakfast for that amount the next day.

About that, We bought an Oystercard with 15 pounds on it, because that was all we could afford for the entire time. That’s not a lot for 3 days, so we had to walk 30 minutes to Aldi. It was worth it though, because we really needed a lot of food, drinks and snacks and like said before, we couldn’t afford going to a bigger store.

A good tip: If you get an Oystercard, which is way cheaper than buying daytickets every day is you go longer than a day, and there’s too little money on it too travel with. Only in case you don’t need to travel a lot anymore, because otherwise you just put more on it ofcourse, you can get a refund at the bigger machine’s and you even get the 5 pound deposit back. With that you can buy a single ride ticket and you’ll still have a little cash left.

The last important thing that we used a lot is that most things you can visit in London are for free. The things that aren’t free like going into the Tower bridge are not even needed. Just going to to bridge and walking over it is way more fun. You can go to most museums and galleries for free as well. You only have to spend money on like one or 2 things that you really want to see. In our case we didn’t spend money on anything this time.

Even with barely any money you are able to go on a city trip and still have the best time.