30 minutes in a slot

“Can’t you come back tomorrow?” That’s what they said when mom and me arrived at the ticketsale from the Rosenborg slot in Copenhagen. We didn’t know it would close at 3 pm, so we were very late. However our Copenhagencards wouldn’t be valid anymore the next day and we planned to go to Sweden. So 30 minutes it was.

The man at the ticketsale and the man at the enterance both said we should only see the third floor and the crown jewels in the basement. Because they kept hammering on it we got pretty stressed and we basically ran to the third floor. Continue reading 30 minutes in a slot


Friday five: Books I’d nominate for the best book for youth award

This subject was made up by Paula from Must magazine after the nominees list for the Diorapthe literatour prijs. A Dutch award for the books for youth. The only problem is that year after year the books on the list are literature and not Young adult books. Most young adult don’t even read literature. This year The hate you give was on the list, but the other were more for adult. These are the books I’d nominate for this award.

Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe – Benjamin Alire Sáenz
Eventhough it’s a Ya book this book has a very adult feeling. With be beautiful writing style and the cute diverse story this book definitly deserves an Award. If this book is too old, they should take the newer books from the same author.

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Fall out boy, Afas live

Last year, just before my trip to England, my friend and I decided to buy tickets for the upcoming Fall out boy concert. Not being to sure about our feelings for the new album, it was kinda a gamble, but it turned out to be a good one.

On April 4th we didn’t get there as early as we wanted to, because the first train we could take wouldn’t arrive till 7.30. When we got there it wasn’t too busy yet and we had a great day with some new friends. In the end we had some nice places at the side barricade. Not the best, but definitly not bad.

They brought 2 support acts with them. The first one was MAX. When he came onto stage I remembered I already knew him from his former Nickelodeon song. Still not sure if it was my thing, but it was fun to see how energetic he was on stage. His songs, Lights down low, was beautiful, I might keep listening to that.

The second one was Against the current, who I didn’t know either. Well I’d heard of them, but that’s all. I don’t remember much of them, just that their songs sounded cool and their leadsinger was gorgeous.

Then it was finally time for Fall out boy to come. It was a very fun show, especially because I hadn’t gone to many big shows with fire and confetti. They played their bops like Suger, we’re going down and My songs know what you did in the dark. They were amazing to sing and dance along to. They were just songs you need to see live.

They also played some of my favourites like HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON’T, Wilson and Save rock and roll, that made me love them even more.

During the show I had many creepy eyecontact moments with Pete, which was hilarious. And also I had the confetti blower pointed right to my face (thanks crew guy for moving it an inch).

Friday five: Authors who should come to YALFest 2019

A little while ago Joost  asked on Twitter and Instagram if there were some bloggers who wanted to participate with the Friday five. That means there’s a book related subject every friday to post a top 5 about. I’m not planning to do every single one of them, but I will do the most. If you want to read the other blogs that write these posts (mostly Dutch), click the link to Joost’s blog. He has a list on there.

YALFest is the Dutch version of an event like Yalc or Yalwest. I’ve been to all 3 years already. It’s not sure yet if there will be a 4th one next year, but I definitly hope so. Read my Dutch post about the 2017 here. The 2018 post has still yet to follow. Continue reading Friday five: Authors who should come to YALFest 2019

Bastille, Tivoli Vredenburg

It took a very stressfull ticketsale, due the low capacity, and a long time weight to get to April 19th. The day of the Bastille concerts. At first I didn’t even get tickets, but luckily my friend got 2.

On the 19th there was even more weighting. 12.5 hours to be exact. Totally worth it, because we were standing a little off center barricade. Well there wasn’t even a barricade. It was very weird to be that close to the stage during a big show. It was not possible to be much closer. Only 2/3 girls between me and Dan.

The first support act was Charlie Barnes. I didn’t know his music yet, but it sounded nice. He is very cute and handsome. Can’t wait to see him again in a few weeks!

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(Spoilers!!!) Infinity war broke me

Last chance to click away before reading Infinity war spoilers, a spoiler free review will follow in a couple of weeks. Maybe even sooner.


Last weekend me and my mom went to the local cinema to see Infinity war. She didn’t really care about it, but just felt sad for me having to go alone. Not that I really care, but still cool.

If you’ve seen it: How amazing was this?!?! Totally not what I expected, but still great. Well I didn’t really know what to expect, so there was no way I could’ve know what was going to happen.

What I missed

Well I’m not even going to mention the missing happy ending. Besides that I mainly missed an explaination for why Hulk wouldn’t come. I hope they will give that a bigger part in the upcoming film.

A bigger final battle would’ve been cool as well. Like what if the group of Iron man and Star lord’s group woud’ve come to the fight and together they all lost to Thanos? How awesome!

I do love Thanos

Besides the fact that he’s trying to whipe half the universe out, Thanos is a well developed character. He’s cruel and rough, but still has a vunerable part in him. The way he acts when he gets the soul stone and how the first thing he does when he has succeded is finding Gamora.

He really believes he’s doing the right thing.

Most painful deaths

I prepared for people to die. Even for characters who I loved to be killed by Thanos. After seeing many theorie video’s (why did I do that to myself??) And reading some of the comics I expectes Cap, Iron man, Loki and Hulk to die. Hulk and Loki are some of my favourites so I knew their deads would hurt me, but I was in peace with them.

However pretty much every one of them still lives?! How did everyone die and did 3 out of 4 survive?? Loki’s dead still broke me, he deserved so much better. A memorable death should’ve been the start of this filled, not just his neck being snapped.

Gamora’s death was very sad as well, but I didn’t love her character as much as others so that made me care less.

At the end, after Thanos snapped with fingers, more of my favourites died. Especially Groot broke my heart. I cared about that little tree so much!

Also Bucky dying again. Isn’t that old yet? Don’t hurt Cap like that ever again. Please?

The worst dead of all has to be Spidey. I don’t specifically like him, but the way Tom worked this scene. Damn that was too much.