The Autumn tag

I’m not really a person who posts a lot of tags, because I don’t think my answers are that interesting. However it was a nice idea to do one since I am writing a lot of blogposts for the time that I’m in England. I think this will be a fun tag for you to read so I hope you guys enjoy!

1. What signifies the start of Autumn for you?
Well my birthday is on September 22th so that’s the second official day of Autumn. I really don’t like the end of summer, so I don’t say summer is over until it’s my birthday! However since I’ve seen a lot of people say fun things about Autumn I started to like it more.

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Dear Universe

Dear Universe,
                      What have I done to deserve this.  This emptiness. Why did you have to take her from me? She’s gone.  Universe, can’t you see I’m hurting?  Universe, can’t you see how much pain I’m in?  Universe, can’t you see me? 

Universe, what have I done to deserve this?  Her gorgeous hair, those stunning eyes. Her beautiful lips which drew the words ‘I loved you’. Gone!  Universe, why? Those precious words ripped away from me!    

Universe, please. I beg you! Bring her back. Tell her I’m sorry. Please! Stop her thinking that she meant nothing. She means everything. It’s been 24 hours.  I’m still crying, world!  I’m still crying.  You’ve got what you wanted.

Dear Universe, save me.

Hii!! I realise that that was rather dark but that’s probably going to be what my blog posts are like.  At the end I’m probably going to tell you about my day. It’s never very interesting but I thought I’d tell you anyway.   So today I did nothing.  I completed a piece of art that ended disastrously.   That’s it.  

                  Thanks for reading. 🙂


Well, hello everybody. I’m Samantha, but I go by Sam. Born on May 4th, but without the force (you get a cookie if you get this reference). I’m a close friend of Maud’s, the creator of this blog, and she has asked me to write some stuff! I would love to talk to you about my journey through this rough game called life, and share some of my work with you. I’m working on becoming a poet/writer, and a tattoo artist. Even though I can’t have tattoos, I still love them. They are pretty rad. Now I guess a little bit more about me. I’m just me really: music junkie, comic geek, book worm, drawing freak, horror lover, writer. Yup weird little ol’ me. Well, I hope that was enough to break the ice between you and me. If you want you can leave some comments suggesting what you would like to see sometimes! I would be glad to take those suggests and turn them into something. I’ll be posting on Wednesdays and Sundays, just in case you would like to read about what’s going on with me! Also please support the others, and read their’s, too. They’re very rad people. Until we meet again friends, please enjoy this lovely cat picture, and the quote of the day.



“Be who you want to be. Be yourself, and live out everything you absolutely want to live.” ~Gerard Way



Hii everyone! I’m new to this whole thing, I’ve never done anything like it before. I’m a new person and I’m going to post whenever. I don’t really know yet.  I think I’m going to write in the form of a letter and address it to people in my life. I’m not in a great state of mind at the moment so I’m just going to go with the flow..

Bye bye for now 🙂

Mini review: Dear my blank – Emily Trunko

Title: Dear my (blank)
Author: Emily Trunko
Publisher:  Crown Books For Young Readers
Price: €12,99
Rating: 8/10

What first started as a Tumblr account with over 30,000 followers, is now a carefully curated collection of 150 anonymous letters covering a range of topics from heartbreak, unrequited love, and loss, to inspiration, self-awareness, and gratitude. Featuring exclusive content not available on Tumblr, these unsent letters are addressed to secret crushes, lost loved ones, boyfriends, siblings, parents, grandparents, and many more.
Not only are these letters heartbreakingly real, but with the inclusion of such varied topics, teens everywhere will feel a real connection and relatability to each and every one.

After I heard that a Dutch publisher (Blossom books) was going to translate this books I really wanted to have it. It seemed like a really cool books to me. I asked my cousin and she bought it for me for my birthday.

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Let’s talk….bullying.

I’m back! And I’m going to try and post every day but don’t hold me to that, cause it might not happen…anyway! I’ve had a lil’ list in the back of my mind of what to write and this has always been at the forefront. Now, I know this isn’t really an original post idea but it’s been talked about a lot for a very good reason! And sadly, as much as it’s been talked about….NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE. 

I’m not here to rant at the education systems inability to sort out bullying (though I definitely feel like I could and am pretty much qualified by now) but I’m here to really help all of you guys that are going through it right now, or have done so before now. Continue reading Let’s talk….bullying.

Hi! An introduction?

Well, hi! I’m not quite sure how to start one of these, but I’ve been invited by the owner of this account to write on it as well! It’s a super cool opportunity for me, and shout out to Maud saying THANK YOU! Honestly, it will be so fun to post on here, I’ve wanted to get my own blog for a while, but that means making a whole website…I mean I still plan on doing so but I’d first like to contribute to this one! I guess I can start by saying some stuff about me. Well, I’m called Chloe. I’m a huge doctor who and harry potter fan. I’m also a big fan of quite a lot of bands, like fall out boy, panic! at the disco, twenty one pilots (sorry I couldn’t find the O with a cross through it ooops) and various others. I’m quite a lot of a bookworm so expect book reviews or recommendations…I’m super forgetful and clumsy so SORRY if I forget to post on here! I think that summarizes all I wanted to say really, sorry this was a bit boring I will pick a topic and talk about it soon! Some of the topics I want to discuss include LGBT+ matters, bullying, body positivity and anxiety. Feel free to scroll past if that’s not your thing! But I am planning to get on with this soon, promise! (-: Anyway, that’s it for today so goodbye!