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Joost started with the idea of Friday five. Every week there is a certain theme, where a few bloggers write there top five about. I don’t participate every time, I just pick my favorite topics. I prefer to read books with diverse characters, that’s why I wanted to write about Lgbt+ books. I figured out this was more difficult than I expected since all the books I liked are from the same authors. The other ones didn’t represent the community in the right way and that’s not something I support. If you know any own voice books about the community please let me know! For example, I still haven’t read a book about a trans character by an own voice author, while other authors usually write about them in offensive, stereotypical and unrealistic ways.

To start with the series that goes exactly against everything I just said: The Simon verse books. Even though they are not own voice novels, at least when it comes to the Lgbt part, they will always be some of my favorite books. I especially love Leah on the offbeat, which was also the very first book I read with a non-binary character. The only book actually. These are books you should read if you are looking for adorable, easy reads, where important subject such as mental illness and the lgbt+ community are discussed as well.

The next books are all from the same author, Benjamin Alire Saènz. These are incredibly different from Becky’s books since they are more on the literary side. The novels are a lot slower, but even though there isn’t that much that happens, you don’t want to miss these. Benjamin is a wise man who writes own voice stories about teenage boys who are finding out who they are and what they want in life. Their strong band with their family and friends plays a big part in these novels. Another exceptional thing is that the stories don’t focus on the coming out of the gay characters, it’s just very natural.

At the beginning of this year, I read another own voice novel: They both die at the end by Adam Silvera. At the beginning of this book, the two main characters hear they are going to die before the end. Both of them either can’t spend the day with the people they’re close to or they don’t want to bother them, so they end up getting to know each other. The books tell the story of Mateo and Rufus finding peace with the ending of their life.

In fantasy books, there are even less lgbt+ characters compared to contemporary reads. In Marissa Meyer’s Renegades, one of the main characters has two dads. The story doesn’t make a big deal out of this, it just is the way it is. Books with lgbt side characters are just as important as the ones with lgbt main characters, because who doesn’t know a gay person?

The last books is Two boys kissing by David Levithan. I haven’t read this book in a while, but I remember loving it. Most negative reviews I saw, were about the book being to slow or having too many protagonists, but personally, I think that’s what makes this book so strong. I don’t believe the characters all knew each other, but all of them had a remarkable story to tell


A rainy queue

It’s nearly two months later, but I finally get around to writing this post. The last few weeks there were some books and other events I wanted to post about so I couldn’t concentrate on this one.

The last two shows of the Bandito tour were a lot less sunny. We spent a few days in Amsterdam with some friends in Amsterdam, where we wanted to sightsee instead of queue. Unfortunately, the rain was so bad that the only sightseeing we did was in cafes and restaurants.

The hour we did queue, we got so wet that we weren’t dry yet when we arrived back to the hostel. However we met up with some more friends and had fun, so it wasn’t that bad.

It was a very stormy week, as the rain already suggested, so we weren’t able to drive to Brussels, instead we took a bus. Our friend was on that bus as well, so it wasn’t a big deal.

That evening we had another show and after we said goodbye to our friend. We still had half a day left in Brussels, but unfortunately, it was raining the entire day, just like in Amsterdam. To keep our luggage dry, we visited a few cafe’s and some bookstores. After that, we went home again. Tour was already over for us.


Yalfest 2019

Last Sunday, even though I thought it would be a week later, it was that time of the year again. The biggest Dutch book event was completely renewed and ready to start. My two friends, later three, and I travelled about three hours to get the new venue in Hoevelaken. It didn’t have to be that long, but you know, trains…

The event clearly was a lot smaller than the former years. I believe it wasn’t a smart idea to host it on Easter, so that’s where they lost many visitors. We were a bit early, which gave us the time to walk around and look at the stands. Unfortunately there weren’t many stands, so there was a bit too much free time. I especially liked stands where you could do something like the one with the press and the illustrators, although I also had fun conversations with the people from the bookstand. Continue reading

Music in Books

Sorry guys, I posted this a few days too late. I didn’t have the time to write and I just forgot this was supposed to go up last week 
 started with the idea of Friday five. Every week there is a certain theme, where a few bloggers write there top five about. I don’t participate every time, I just pick my favorite topics. As you might know, music is a big part of my life. So I had to participate in the Friday five about music in books. Continue reading

Things I look forward to at Yalfest 2019

Joost started with the idea of Friday five. Every week there is a certain theme, where a few bloggers write there top five about. I don’t participate every time, I just pick my favorite topics. This week is all about the Dutch bookish event Yalfest.

As the Dutchies may know:  Yalfest is coming up in a little over two weeks. Even though I talk about this event very often, I’ll explain what it is quickly. Every year the publishers Best of YA and Blossom Books host an event called Yalfest, which you could compare to YALC. Here’s what I look forward to:

The authors
The first thing I look forward to is obviously the authors. When Benjamin Alire Sáenz was announced I knew I had to go. Besides Becky, he definitely is my favorite writer. I wanted to read a book by all the attending authors, which I did. By doing so, I found some new favorite books by Samira and Nic. Contemporary is the genre I like to read the most, but for a fantasy novel, I loved the book written by Kristen.

The goodie bag
I’m not lying, I love to get gifts. I know I pay for the tickets, but still, the goodie bag seems like a present to me. We already know one of the books that will be in there, A darker shade of magic. This sounds like a book I will like, but I don’t know a lot about it.

The presenter
This year there is a new presenter for the program on the mainstage. I already know Edward van de Vendel from the event with Becky last year. He did great, also a lot better than the former presenter. I look forward to seeing how he does with multiple authors at the same time.

The illustrators
During the last events, I never had the time to get an illustration. The first year I did get a personalized poem. Hopefully I’ll get a little drawing this year.

I don’t know a fifth thing, but I am very excited in general. Will I see anyone there?

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Wrap up and bookhaul February/March

At the beginning of this month I was in Ireland, where I bought four books. I didn’t plan on buying this many, but they are just so cheap over there. At first my friend and I visited an good will store where I bought Ready player one, A series of unfortunate events and Wicked. The first two because I really wanted to read them and the last one just because I thought it was funny. Later on this trip I bought Continue reading

Two shows in Ireland

After the two shows in Germany and all of the fun events in Ireland, it was time for two amazing shows. Out of six, these were my favourites of the entire tour.

In Dublin we joined the queue about an hours before the doors would open. Behind us stood some nice people and we had a great time in the queue. This venue was smart and decided to start letting people through security an hour before the doors opened. This way there was no pushing.


first we decided to go for b-stage, but since we were second row there we thought it would be to go into the middle of the pit. Our spots were amazing, because during Holding on to you, Morph and Trees they were so close to us in the pit!! Also it was our first show with the bridge, so they both walked over us, because we were so close.

During ride Tyler asked to make pairs and sit on each others shoulders. My friend had me on his back, which was very fun. The couple next to us joked about switching up, but we already knew that they wouldn’t be able to hold us up. We had a lot of fun with them. Continue reading

Everyone should read this book

A little break from all of my gig and travel posts for a book that I recently read. I bought the book Internment by Samira Ahmed because she is coming to the Dutch event Yalfest in April. I also bought the book the moment it came out, because I wanted the pin you got when you bought one of the Yalfest books. Since I already owned all the others, this was the only one I could buy.

So the book is about a near future where muslims are put into a camp, just like the Asians and Jews have been in World War 2. The main character Layla it trying to live her life as well as finding a week to break free. She has help from her friends in the camp, her boyfriend outside the camp and an unexpected ally. Continue reading

Double citytrip in Ireland

After we got back from Germany we had two short days at home for work and college. On thursday morning we were supposed to fly to Dublin, but unfortunatly it was very mistly so we had a two hour delay. That wasn’t a big problem, because we had no plans for the afternoon anyway.
I don’t know why, but the flight wasn’t great, since the plane started going down a while before the actual landing.

The hostel was close to the venue and next to the busstation, which was great. There was only one annoying thing: we had a very squeeky bunkbed. We shared the room with 6 others and our beds were the only ones that made so much noise. Continue reading

Twenty one pilots in Germany

Like I wrote about a few days ago, my friend and I went to Germany for two Twenty one pilots shows. In that post I wrote about the trip and now I’ll tell you about the shows themselves.

We wanted to make sure we had barrier spots on Sunday the 24th in Stuttgart, so we arrived at the venue on saturday morning. There were many more people than we expected to be, so we were numbers 40 and 41 in the queue. Since there was a big event later that day we weren’t allowed to be there till 10pm. So we had a while to explore Stuttgart. Continue reading